Hey guys!

How are you all? Hope your all still alive and kicking!

It has been a long time, too long! But not too long till it’s finally over! Yayy.

I just realised that there is just over 8 weeks till the end. That doesn’t included the exam for corporate relations though. But i’m not too worried about that for the time being. I need to live through the next 2 months first!

So how is dissertation going? Well.. Not so bad. Currently i’m in the process of analysing the results for my dissertation using SPSS! And what a nightmare it is turning out to be lol. Thankfully, slowly but surely, getting the hang of it.

However, the other work  is stressing me out a lot more with one of our modules PPE being worth only 20% and requires the work of a module that is worth 5 times more! The stress has become unmanageable – not even yoga can calm me down anymore lol. To top that off another module Corporate Relations consists of  a 20 minute presentation AND a 3500 word literature review on social media. Granted it is all group work, so there is less pressure however, it is just all too much. Especially for one semester.

Why couldn’t they split the modules between first and second semester more fairly? Grr!

On a more positive note,  I am really enjoying researching about social media as, although it’s something that has become so important across all sectors, I never really thought about it and realised the extent to which it has affected the world. And the benefits of social media on employment, communication and organisations.

Social media seems to be expanding like the universe! A never ending vast space of opportunities. The opportunities are endless. I heard on John Stewart’s The Daily Show the other day that ‘ChatRoulette’ has become a new craze in America! And it sounds quite weird. With people being obscene and using it to get naked! Mmm.. something to keep an eye on… he he… just joking…. No really though,  I think it’s disgusting and hope that the UK don’t follow this crazy American idea!

Something less perverted.

As I will be looking for a job in PR when I graduate, I will definitely be getting to grips with social media a lot more over the summer. It has become so invaluable to the PR industry that It would be wise to stay ahead of the game when applying for jobs. And many PR opportunities are requesting a good understanding of social media for job applications…

But, enough of the blogging…. Time to get back to the masses of work.

And for those who are in the similar situation – good luck!

I shall see you on the other side :-).





Hey guys,

It’s that time of the month again, to update my blog! There are a few words to say, mostly about work and stress. Will there be any entries without recapturing the madness of third year? Hmm… I doubt it very much. Ahhhhhh.

So the last time I wrote, I was doing a little experiment with Facebook. For those of you who haven’t read that post, I was trying to see how long I could live without Facebook. How long did I last? Just two whole days! lol… However, it wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be. At first it was a little scratchy, but then I found myself finding some other forms of entertainment. I read up on art, applied for a jobs, wrote a story, and even read a book.  Albeit a short one –  but still! And it felt really great to be able to hear my own thoughts. A lot of the time, as soon as I log into Facebook i’m bombarded with other peoples thoughts! And being a person who care’s a little too much about people, reading about friends problems all the time is actually quite distressing. That’s not what it is for. Its a networking tool – not a moaning forum.

Anyway, facebook was calling me back. I began to feel a little out of the loop and had to get back in.

So the conclusion? I think that if I wasn’t living the student life things would be different. We have a lot of free time as students and going on facebook helps fill the gap. But i don’t need Facebook, its just an easy form of entertainment to pass the tme. And to also keep up to date with people.

Moving on to the stress of third year…I won’t be moaning about it as I’m sure you all understand what I’m going through and I don’t want to depress you guys as much as its depressing me.

So all i’m going to say is – good luck over the next three months peeps! And I hope you all do great.

In the meantime, i’ll be sure to keep posting.



Hey guys,

I’m doing a little experiment and have decided to take myself  away from the world of facebook for a little while. I spend way too much time ‘facebook stalking’ when i could use that time doing something more useful and fun.

As I click the button to de-activate the account, I wonder what would the world be like without the advanced communication technology and websites. Has the development of social networking websites made us more needy?

I read an article a couple of weeks ago about how needy the society is becoming, and how this is having an affect on our relationships as we become increasingly co-dependant.

This is true of technology. We have become very co-dependant with it. I have only been away from facebook for 10 long minutes and I am already getting withdrawal symptoms. When I want to share my feelings, AKA moan, I turn to facebook and update my status to something completely uninteresting but i don’t care as long as i have shared my thoughts with facebook. Weird right? Or I go to my next best friend, the phone, and pull up my friends number and give her a long moan. Just last week my phone broke, and it was heartbreaking. I felt irritated, angry and depressed! A month before, my laptop was stolen and I went through the same grieving process.  And now I have to keep strong for facebook….

I can imagine people in the old days, early 19th century, to be far more happy and content with they’re lives. Sitting at home reading, playing an instrument, cooking, writing, or painting. I bet they knew how to be content being alone and not constantly need attention. And letters being the only form of communication which consisted of words from the heart which made relationships so much more romantic.

I’m sure this will not be a permanent thing. But it will be great to not feel obligated for once to check my account every 5 minutes out of boredom, and hopefully encourage me to seek entertainment or attention somewhere else!

Wish me luck!


Been a while…

Hey guys,

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New years!

Its been a long while again since I last wrote. Things have certainly stepped up a gear, and the pressure is starting to really rev up! The last couple of months have been hectic and the next few months will be even more hectic with all the dissertation work and portfolio pieces to be done. It is unlikely that I will be able to make another appearance on my blog however, I will try my hardest to remember to update it.

Where do I begin? Well a lot has happened since November, Christmas for one and then New Years.

Christmas was Ok, just the usual 5 member family gathering where we eagerly awaited Christmas day to open the presents nice and early in the morning and then continue with our regular day-to-day activities immediately after. Nothing exciting really.

New Years was not much different either. Spending it with a close friend and having a quiet night in with sweets, crisps and films! What more could i ask for?! …   A lot more! After having a rather uneventful holiday, I spent the rest of my holiday planning my 2010 Christmas and New Years in Peru. It will be such a great experience to celebrate the occasions in a different country whilst learning the language and volunteering.

My 2010 summer was planned for a journalism internship in New York with a magazine called Buffalo Spree however, due to lack of funds I had to refuse it and think about applying the following year, as it was a 4 month unpaid internship.

Although i haven’t been able to afford that I can however, afford a small holiday in Barcelona in June after university finishes. Yayy. Thank god Ryan air for cheap flights :-).

Moving on to a more PR related topic, the course is going really well. I just handed in the Consulting in Context and Comms Audit reports. That was stressful but i’m so glad its done now and handed in. Hopefully, I did well enough to be able to graduate and wear a sexy cap!

I did my report on a local TV channel called Edge Media TV. It is a controversial channel on Sky, channel no.200, which is a platform for  ” people to share alternative views and discuss suppressed viewpoints, we aim to air programming that is educational, thought provoking and enlightening.”

Lacking a bit in quality, it’s quite good to watch. The topics are interesting and the programmes educational which actually do make you question a few things that you probably wouldn’t have thought about before watching it. Thumbs up me thinks!

Our Comms Audit was even better. We did ours for the LCC leisure centre’s and we put a hell of a lot of effort to produce a 21,000 word report on it! We visited 8 leisure centre’s and handed out questionnaire for each one of them providing us with at least 100 questionnaires to analyse. I’m very thankful for having such a great group to work with this year.

My placement with different PR ended, and although i’m disappointed it was a blessing in disguise really, as i’m beginning to fthe pressure from doing a placement and uni work. Also, I was ready to have more responsibilities as a PR intern. The placement was good and it proved invaluable to me, as I learned a lot more about PR and now have a wider understanding of it than before,  which was a huge problem that I had in the previous years, but it was just a one day a week placement and I started feeling like I wanted more responsibilities. Again though, it was a blessing in disguise as I should really be focussing my time on my dissertation!

The dissertation however, is not going so well. I was pretty naive to think that I could get 100 participants for my research. So far, I have only got 8! But I have given myself 2 months before I start analysing the data so hopefully will get between 20 – 30 which will give me enough data to get statistically significant results. I am also doing face-to-face interviews which will hopefully provide some results.

So thats the last few months summed up…. I will try to update as much as possible now that it has quietened down a bit. But it will pick up again soon so can’t promise anything there. Also, I have no comments on any of my posts so far, but I know that I do have followers somewhere lol as my friend regularly gives feedback to me in person …. So I am not just writing this blog to myself and for the purpose of a portfolio piece! 🙂
Anyways… Bye for now!


So its been one month and one day since I last posted and its not due to the usual reason of being forgetful and lazy. I have been so busy that I have been unable to sit down and relax so to let my thoughts go. With general university work, work placements, work and of course the dissertation! Its just been so hard to take the time to write to you all…

However, I certainly have lived up to my blog. I have got several new jobs, new friends, a new house mate and no boyfriend! Not being in a relationship has definitely helped. And all the busy-ness has helped distract me from the relationship thoughts. It is a beautiful two- way relationship really….

Of course, my new life isn’t perfect. There is still the same old problem of group work! I thought that group work would be much easier this year as people were more mature and it has been but not as easy as i expected. Group work just gets my teeth grating in general with the whole concept of it. I am grateful that the other modules aren’t group work orientated. In every group there is that one person who does most of the work which is good and great if I want to continue piggy backing grades But i don’t, how am I supposed to know what I need improving on when other people do the work and i don’t get the opportunity to see my mistakes! Though.. I hate to admit it, I can see why they take charge. They are definitely more experienced with PR than me so are more confident in expressing ideas and doing the work. I try to remember this whenever I feel like I am being left out on the work. Is there anyone out there that actually enjoys group work?  I guess PR is not my forte…

So that moan is out the way, its time to moan/discuss the dissertation! There are no words for it……. I actually have no words for it at the moment. I’m still in the head banging phase of reading for the literature review and its proving to be a bit of a challenge. I have decided to do my research on personality in PR. I want to investigate what the perfect personality is for PR which i think is interesting but it is a pain because there hasn’t been anything formal done surrounding it so now I have to try and place my title within PR literature. I’m thinking of placing it along the gender area as gender is strongly linked to personality types… There is only 3 weeks left to hand in the proposal I should probably get thinking some more! A lot more!

On a more happy note though 🙂 I  have just started my work placement today with Different PR. Well i had a trial day today and he asked to come back next week at the end of the day so I’m assuming i got the placement! I absolutely love working there, the location, the people and the work is all great! On my first day i was asked to write 2 press releases, thats more than i’ve done on any placement! Everyone seems really friendly and down to earth and its this reason I was so keen to undertake a placement there.  I look forward to getting really involved with Different PR and hope its a long term weekly placement!

And… I think that’s all i’ve got on my mind for now. I’ll probably have some more to ‘discuss’ over the coming weeks!

Bye for now! Hope you all have a good Halloween!


Feeling very angry this afternoon, I’d like to take the opportunity to vent my frustration.

I really did not want to miss my first and only tutorial this afternoon so i got up at 9 this morning nice and early. Plenty of time to prepare my self.

So its half twelve and i set out to uni happy and ready for the day. My timetable saids CQ CHCG05. Used to being in Headingly, I wasn’t well known to the city campus so I assumed that it meant Civic Quarter as i didn’t know there was any other building that was linked to Civic Quarter.  I got there and was told it was 20 mins away! Oh how angry and frustrated i was and still am to find that out! Why couldn’t they tell us ex Headingly students!

It isn’t any wonder that this lack of organisation was reported in the Leeds Met newspaper 2 years ago… Surely they would have resolved the problem by now?

I understand that us students have to be independant and take the initiative but I also think that the University should communicate a lot better. Something that the faculty lacked last year and is the reason why so many students dropped out. It certainly dampened my motivation this year and at this rate I might as well fail now.  No matter how hard i try, nothing ever goes smoothly! Is this what we get for paying £2000?

A little box giving a definition of room numbers surely cannot be that hard? And maybe a little consideration? Or am i expecting too much from the uni as they are to me?

I thought I’d make the most of my kitten, soundly sleeping and looking cute next to me, to update my blog.

It’s been nearly a week since i’ve  arrived in Leeds now and yes its certainly been different. I am a lot busier which has only lead to extended tiredness. If anyone had told me what kittens were really like before i bought one, I probably would have backed out. The cuteness and novelty soon wore off once I started to wake up to find he had peed on my bed 5 times! I realised then, it was time for real parenting! He is doing better now but i swear he only likes to pee and poop in my room as an act of rebellion. I have grown to love him though and am very glad to have purchased such a little cutie patootie.

But now its the beginning of lectures, or so i thought. I woke up this morning in a fit of panic and stress as i thought that i had missed them but it was just me being silly and not reading properly. I really am hoping that Charlie is not going to effect my work and that he will encourage me to be more organised and responsible. Lets hope…

On a non-pet note, I took part in a telephone interview this morning for a fund raiser role at Leeds Met. The job was to call previous Alumni and ask for donations. As the university has decided to keep the £2000 tuitions fees this year, campaigns are have been created to ensure then can continue doing so in the future.

I think its a great idea to try and keep the low cost fees. And if i was an alumni I would definitely donate a pound or two.. ok well, maybe more..

The cheapest tuition fees in the country has definitely benefited me. I did a first year at another university and coming to Leeds Met has ensured that my large debt will be a little less large.. Has it benefited anyone else?